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Work life is my life’s work

Since 1972, the study of how work impacts real lives has been my passion: How people love their work, hate their work, want to change their work, want to not work, want to work on getting more work (or less work), and, most of all, having everything and nothing to do with work, how to make life work at this particular time in this workaday society in which we find ourselves.

Well before “life coach” rose as a profession, I used the coaching metaphor
to describe the work I do, meaning it very much in the sports sense: A coach is someone who can observe from the outside what you cannot tell from the inside (about how you swim, run, throw, etc.) and then shares with you what she’s noticed and helps you change your stroke/form/stance so that you can accomplish your objective of speed and/or accuracy more reliably, with less effort, and with less strain and risk of injury.

In 1996, I opened my own practice in San Francisco to help a wide diversity of businesses and individuals connect with the resources needed—both internal and external—to create success by definition: their own. My approach is always custom tailored—no cookie-cutter life plans here—and comprised of techniques I’ve studied, mastered, been certified in, and modified to most effectively help my clients attain their desired outcomes, live their dreams, and do their lives more reliably, with less effort, and with less strain and risk of injury (be it mental, emotional, financial).

Deborah Gavrin Frangquist


Appreciative Inquiry
Life Purpose Facilitator
Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
Reiki Practitioner (Master Degree)
Systemic Constellation Work
Time Abundance


Carleton College
Syracuse University

Also pursued doctoral studies in economic and technological history at the Universität des Saarlandes, Germany.


Organization Development Network
Bay Area Organization Development Network
National Career Development Association
California Career Development Association
Career Planning and Adult Development Network
Panelist for The Job Forum of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
Women in Consulting
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce


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