Chosen Futures

How can everybody win?

Each organization, each manager, each employee, each strategic partner has a role to play in creating and sustaining organizational success—or not.

When something’s not working, or could work better, or has to work “or else,” when you need an answer, it’s essential to ask the right questions:

  • What do people need in order to thrive and do their best work?
  • How can organizations be both stable and flexible enough to serve both their people and the market?
  • What beliefs and values will guide you reliably to a sustainable business future?
  • How can we best deal with the juxtaposition of information glut and resource scarcity (be it skills, time, energy, or money)?

For productivity’s sake, how do you encourage a fulfilling work-leisure balance while still serving your bottom line?

With a successful track record through multiple business cycles, I am a highly knowledgeable business strategist well versed in the impact of technological and social change in the world of work. To get the answers you need and the outcomes you desire, I can help you:

  • Create organizational success
  • Reshape your workplace
  • Facilitate meetings, team building exercises and retreats
  • Perform Appreciative Inquiry—Learn and plan from your best experiences
  • Provide in-house trainings—Abundant Time, Creative Planning, Personal Sustainability

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