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Reshape Your Career

At its best, work is an expression of our deepest and highest selves, a context where we use our creative and productive energy to make a difference for ourselves and in the world. The good news? This is not a tall order— with the right help.

  • Can you actually have a successful career that’s aligned with your values?
  • How can you know what’s out there and whether you are making the best choice?
  • How can you survive the potential indignities of job search with confidence and success?
  • What do you need to do in the World of Work to be secure and fulfilled?

These important questions are about more than your career, they are about you as a whole person. The decisions you make affect other areas of your life: leisure time, relationships with family and friends, health, and spiritual life. Who you really are and what you really need—inside and outside work—are the keys to your success. I can help you:

  • Know your personal success factors
  • Be clear about what matters most to you—on the job and in your whole life
  • Better understand the world of work
  • Make effective job and career choices
  • Choose work you are confident you can do and enjoy
  • Recognize the signs that a job or company is a good fit
  • Find work that is aligned with your values and integrity
  • Work from your strengths
  • Identify what you are already good at and enjoy, the strengths and skills you don’t know you have
  • Address the larger issues, including family, love, higher purpose, spirituality

Create Personal Sustainability

Personal Sustainability involves enjoying the flow of energy that carries you from one area of your life to the next. Is this really possible in the modern world? There are so many stressors and distractions, including malfunctioning technology, information overload and outright disasters and tragedies in the world—not to mention things closer to home such as romantic ups and downs, fluctuations in weight and income, challenges with health and happiness.

Spiritual depth plus practical support smooth your individual journey to an enlarged comfort zone and greater participation in the abundance of life. On a personal level, I can help you:

  • Avoid limiting beliefs and mistaken advice
  • Determine what’s predictable—and what is not—in a changing world to create more security
  • Build in time for the people and activities you care about
  • Create renewable personal energy and creativity
  • Deepen your spiritual practice
  • Create a truly reliable attention shift from the negative to the positive
  • Improve health and fitness
  • Reduce stress and heighten enjoyment of life and work


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