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Creating Desired Change in your Business or Organization 

New Direction or Getting Unstuck Personal Change


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Tools for Change

Family Constellations and Business Constellations:

Systemic constellations are powerful tools for revealing and shifting hidden patterns that hold us back at work and in all of our lives.  I use constellation principles in the tradition of Bert Hellinger in individual sessions and in constellation circles and workshops.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

I trained at NLP Marin, which has become famous for asking, and then guiding you to effectively answer, two important questions: “What would you like?” and What stops you? Using the NLP Marin model, the clarifying work that is done between and around these two questions gets at an inner truth, unique to each person, which then allows lives and relationships and careers to transform.


Reiki tunes into universal life energy, which makes it not only a superb means of reducing stress but also a powerful tool for allowing change to occur smoothly in an organization or an individual.


Sustainable Business

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