Chosen Futures

They said it. I didn’t...

“Well beyond her impressive depth of training and certification, Deborah Frangquist has an uncanny knack for helping people figure things out and make good decisions. Simple for her. Not so simple when you’re deep in your own life. Over the years I’ve worked with her, she’s offered me the spiritual depth plus practical support I’ve needed to catalyze necessary change and help get me the truly fulfilling life I live today that I know I never would have gotten without her knowledge and guidance.” —Jennifer Kitt, Senior Development Director, Campaign Regions, University of California, Berkeley

“Deborah Frangquist has a great fund of knowledge about the big picture of the world of work, and was able to relate it to what I needed personally to be satisfied in my work and life. She helped me sort through a lot of questions, including the pluses and minuses of working for someone else vs. working for myself. Her process allowed me to go full steam ahead with my own business, confident that it was the right path for me—and it has been!” —Ruth Kalter, Psy.D., Novato, CA

“I had the pleasure of working with Deborah Frangquist in a guided “appreciative inquiry” workshop at my workplace. With her help, the team was able to create a vision for how we wish our department functioned without the constraints of history or fear of conflict. As a result, we were able to make several transformative strategic/operational shifts which have resulted in raising much more money for our institution, and made the workplace more fun to boot.” —M. Robinson, University Reunion Fundraiser

"Deborah Frangquist quickly identified a central problem in my work and helped me find language and tools to address it. Years later, I'm still using what she taught me." —Charlie Varon, playwright/performer

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